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Grade 6 Chinese Culture

December 14th, 2017 | by Chinese Minhang

本月,学生们继续学习中国茶的分类。。 学生们观看了和茶有关的视频,并品尝了乌龙茶,红茶和花茶的茶。 This month, students continued to learn the classification of tea. Students watched videos about Chinese tea, and they

Light-up the Christmas

December 13th, 2017 | by Aesthetics Minhang Campus

Our Minhang primary students were invited to perform at the Christmas light-up at Jing An Shangri-la on Thursday,7 December. Nineteen

SSIS Attends Shanghai Martial Arts Festival

December 13th, 2017 | by Aesthetics Minhang Campus

2017 Shanghai Martial Arts Festival, co-hosted by Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and Minhang People’s Government, was held in Minhang Stadium

ABRSM Music Exams at SSIS

December 12th, 2017 | by Aesthetics Minhang Campus

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Exam was held on1st Dec. 2017 at SSIS MinHang campus, and

ISP 5/6 Yellow Group T2 W1

December 1st, 2017 | by ISP Minhang Campus

Students ended Term 1 by presenting their procedural writing to the class.  They read their procedural essays that explained how

G6 Chinese Language

December 1st, 2017 | by Chinese Minhang

G6 高阶华文Advanced Chinese 我们学习了第9课《叙利亚的卖水人》,学生们通过朗读课文的书面描写,和观看相关的影像资料,了解了叙利亚的气候特点以及卖水人独特的卖水方式。同学们还亲自体验了自己做“小贩”。他们分成几个小组,自己设计海报、货品的摆放方式、广告词,向“顾客”兜售他们的“货物”。通过这次体验活动,大家感受到了课文中卖水人的辛劳。 我们进行了第二次单元测试,并学习了游记的书写格式。 我们学习了第11课《慈母情深》,结合我们的课外阅读书目《孩子你慢慢来》、《目送》,大家通过讨论体会了母爱的伟大和无私,也希望学生对自己父母的更多一些理解和宽容。 We learned L9: The drink-seller in Syria. Through learning written description and watching videos,

Watch the colours change!

December 1st, 2017 | by Grade 6 Minhang Campus

The G6 students had a fun time carrying out experiments to test the acidity and alkalinity of household liquids as

5/6 Blue Group

December 1st, 2017 | by ISP Minhang Campus

The 5/6 blue group has been practicing the skill of retelling the main idea while learning the art of paraphrasing.

Poetry In Action

November 30th, 2017 | by Grade 6 Minhang Campus

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been exploring our third theme: Poetry. In this theme, the students have

Grade 6 Chinese Culture

November 17th, 2017 | by Chinese Minhang

本月的中国文化课,我们开始了中国茶艺课程,学生们了解了中国茶的历史,也完成了茶的分类的学习,认识了绿茶,红茶,黑茶,黄茶,白茶,花茶和乌龙茶。 This month, we began to learn about Chinese tea. In tea art class, the students understood the cultural history

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