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Published on September 29th, 2017 | by SSIS Xuhui


Message from the Assistant Principal Term 1 Week 6


29 September 2017


This is the first Grade 6 combined camp that SSIS ambitiously planned in a location out of Shanghai. By and large, they had the most enriching experience at Mahota Town in Penglai, Shandong. The students had fun picking seashells at the seaside on the first day. On the second day, chemistry lesson was carried out in the winery as they got involved in the whole process of wine making. The students experienced hands-on crushing of the grapes and they were given detailed explanation of fermentation. Teambuilding games on the third day enabled the students from Minhang and Xuhui campus to bond with one another. Everyone enjoyed themselves. We are proud to report that at the end of the camp, our students reached a higher level of social awareness and communication skills. They carried a positive attitude throughout the three-day event and adapted to a different environment in a most commendable spirit. Overall, even though it was an exhausting power packed camp, our objectives of developing self-awareness, confidence, and independence were fully achieved.


SSIS Xuhui campus students ushered in Mid-Autumn Festival with a variety of activities. These activities with their rich contents helped them to understand the essence of Chinese traditional festival. Students were educated on the history and custom of Mid-Autumn Festival and the significance of lanterns and lantern riddles. They also had hands-on experience of making snow-skinned mooncake. Through the activities, our students also learned to collaborate with one another. The whole celebration culminated with a performance on Monday assembly. Our graceful Grade 5 girls sang and danced to the melodic music of “Moon Boat“, captivating everyone into the quiet and peaceful night sky. Following that, there was a quiz session and students on the floor had a fun time guessing the riddles. What a fantastic mid-autumn celebration!

More Announcements

Chinese National Holiday/Mid-Autumn Break

2 October – 6 October (NO SCHOOL)

Report to school on 9 October


Upcoming Events in October and November

Combined Sports Day 13 October
Autumn Excursion 20 October
Student Council Investiture 23 October
CCA Parent Open House 7 and 9 November
CISSA Soccer Competition 18 November
Math and Science Parent Workshop 18 November
I4Cs Award Presentation 20 November
Parent-Teacher Conference 25 November





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