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Honesty is the Best Policy

Studentshave completed Theme One, “White Lies and Honesty”, by reviewing all that we have learned so far. We have looked over the story elements of “Ruby’s Sunflowers” and “Rats’ Nests”. Both stories helped students to begin working with character traits and motivation. Students were able to identify words that describe characters and they were able to compare and contrast the characters, as well as to independently reflect on the events in the stories. Through reading, re-reading, and scaffolding discussion of text-dependent questions, students were able to analyze characters’ point of view and development.

In grammar, we have examined four types of sentences, subject and predicate and how to vary the types of sentences in writing. Students were able to produce complete sentences, recognizing and correcting inappropriate fragments and run-ons.

Students were introduced to the steps in the writing process. They learned new vocabulary from the stories and their writing aids them with deeper understanding of these texts. They completed their independent personal narrative writing based on the above theme. We started on our Response to Literature by introducing the story “Chang and the Bamboo Flute”.

We will start Theme Two, Fairy Tales and Folktales, after the National Holidays. The theme will teach students the differences between fairy tales and folktales. Our focus will be on conflict and resolution presented in the stories.

Students will be learning simple and compound sentences (coordinators – FANBOYS). They will also learn preposition and how to form and use prepositional phrases. We will touch on differenciating between a clause and phrase.

In writing, students will learn how to write a fractured tale focusing on word choice and organization. They will also be working independently on their literary response.


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