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G4 Science: Life Cycles of Animals and Plants, and Matter

In week 5, Students identified the stages in the life cycle of a plant grown from seeds. They described the life cycle of a plant during its growth from a seed to a young plant and eventually to an adult plant. Students conducted investigation on the factors that affects the rate of germination over a period of time and make suitable comparison.


In week 6, Students identified the factors affecting the germination of a seed when they conducted investigation on the factors (dark and light) that affect the rate of germination over a period of time (2 days) and made suitable comparison.




In week 7, Students will observe the growth of seeds into young plant, and able to identify functions of parts of plants. Students will complete Work-Out book, workbook and worksheet, in preparation for Science Test 1.


In week 8, Students will start on a new topic on matter. They will  recognise that matter is anything that has mass and occupies space and learn the the definition of mass and volume.

In week 9, Students will identify the three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. They will understand that solid has definite shape and volume, liquid has no definite shape but has definite volume, and gas has no definite shape or volume.

In week 10, Students will start their conduct experiments on measurements. They will learn to use lever and electronic balance to measure mass, and using measuring cylinder and syringe to measure volume.


Important Date:

Science Test 1: Tuesday 17 Oct

Chapter 1: Life Cycles of Some Animals

Textbook: P2-13

Workbook: P2-11

Work-Out Book: P41-48

Chapter 2: Life Cycle of Plants

Textbook: P14-19

Workbook: P12-22

Work-Out Book: P49-54

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