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3/4 ISP Yellow Group

Reading and Writing

Students have been reading and discussing different narrative texts these last several weeks and identifying different basic elements of fiction in folktales and fables. They have created their own fairy tales with a great deal of imagination and planning.

Listening and Speaking

We are finishing up the unit with reader’s theater. This will be another way for students to be exposed to narrative texts. Each student will have a role to read. The focus will be on reading with fluency and expression.

Grammar Focus

· Nouns

· the verb “be” in simple past and simple present tense

· Pronouns

· Possessive nouns

· Possessive pronouns

Skills Focus

· Identifying problem/solution in narrative texts

· Plan and write a story with a beginning, middle, and end

· Identifying and writing simple and compound sentences


*Important Dates – October 10th and 11th – Narrative Unit Test – Students have been given a practice test so that they know what to expect. They will also get the writing topic ahead of time so that they can think and prepare for that section as well.

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