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Grade 1 Maths

This week, the students had a test on number bonds. They also began addition within numbers 1 to 10. They learned how to add by counting on. They also learned how to write addition equations and addition stories.

Emphasis on:

  • Creating number bonds with a given set of numbers.
  • Add by counting the total number of objects into sets within 10.
  • Add two numbers within 10 by counting on.
  • Write addition equations using + an =.
  • Creating addition equations and stories.


After the holiday, students will review addition to 10 and have a practical test to assess their knowledge and understanding.  They will also revisit number bonds with a math project. They will combine number bonds and addition stories to create a math bracelet with an illustration.  Students will enjoy this fun and interactive project.

Emphasis on:

  • Reviewing number bonds.
  • Reviewing addition stories.
  • Testing on addition up to 10.


Save the Date:

September 29th – October 3rd – No School

October 7th – Practical test on addition to 10.

Remember! Students have received login and passwords to! Encourage your child to visit this website as often as they want to practice grade level 1 Math at home, as well as playing fun Math games each day to strengthen their skills.


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