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Grade 1 English

What have we learnt this week?
Big Book: Dan the Flying Man by Joy Cowley

Reading skill: To identify what happens at the beginning, middle and end of a story. To sequence the main events of a story.

Reading strategy: To summarise what has happened in the story. To use a graphic organizer (pictures) to show what happens in the story.

Grammar: To identify a ‘telling’ sentence – a statement about something.

Writing: To write simple sentences about a story using correct punctuation. To have confidence to try and spell new words using phonic knowledge. To form and orientate letters correctly. To write independent telling sentences.

Phonics: We are reviewing our single sound awareness. We have focused on the sounds r,l,b,d,f,h,i,u. We are learning to use these sounds to spell and read new words.


Spellings for week beginning 6th October Week 6
Group 1: zip, and, me, jet, no
Group 2: zip, and, me, jet, no, swim, jump
Group 3: zip, and, me, jet, no, swim, jump, they, said, went

Please send into school any used (but clean!) cartons, boxes, newspaper. We will be using these in our English theme 1 celebration – details to follow later!!


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